Theme 3 Assignments

Please choose one of the following options. Write altogether about 2 pages.

1) How do values manifest in everyday life? Focus on some values (e.g., power distance, individualism/collectivism, time orientation) and give examples from your own culture AND from your encounters with other cultures. What kind of differences have you noticed?


2) Look at Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions and make a comparison of values with your home country and another country that you know quite well.

  • Do you agree / disagree with the results?
  • Justify your answer and illustrate with practical examples


3) Values are important means of advertising. Choose an advertisement in printed or electronic media (TV, internet, radio, newspaper, magazines…) which, in your opinion, is problematic considering cultural values in an intercultural context. Describe the advertisement briefly and discuss its content and message from an intercultural point of view.


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