Guidelines for writing the assignments

These are the general guidelines for writing the assignments. If you are taking this course as a part of another study programme or within a course from outside the University of Jyväskylä, please remember to check instructions with your teacher.

In the written assignments you are expected to

  • present what you have learned during this course. Note that, beyond knowledge, learning may be related to attitudes, motivation, emotions or skills
  • present and analyze your perceptions and experiences of cultures and intercultural communication
  • weave what you have learned into the analyses of communication and culture, and the relationship between the two
  • integrate theory, practice and reflection


To meet the requirements, you need to

  • adequately address the assignment
  • write concisely and thoughtfully
  • use and explain the concepts and theories introduced in the material
  • comment on the ideas and theories of web materials: criticize, ask questions, give arguments, etc.
  • use both the given material and your own perceptions or previous knowledge to argue your thoughts
  • present concrete examples of the issues by describing your perceptions and experiences (situations, behavior, verbal and nonverbal communication) where applicable


Citations, references, bibliography

  • Remember to cite quotations if you use them. You need to provide references if you use sources other than the web materials. Remember to include a complete bibliography of the works you cite.
  • If you need advice on quotations, references, and bibliography, see e.g.,