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Program SDG4 seminar opening 2017
Opening speech. Meeting our Commitments - Global reponsibility in higher education. Vice Dean Anna-Maija Poikkeus, Faculty of Education and Psychology. Storytelling - Bhavani Ramamoorthi. Launch of the Global Education Monitoring report: Accountability in Education, Dr. William Smith, Senior Policy Analyst, UNESCO.
Program CIPA4419 Trauma and Violence
Domestic violence as trauma. Working with complex trauma cases. Adult women's understanding of their childhood experiences of domestic violence. Trauma and children: Psychological impact of domestic violence. Long term impact of trauma. Trauma and psychotherapy
Program Master’s Degree Programme in Educational Sciences
Master’s Degree Programme in Educational Sciences
Program chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Presentation by Dr. Martha Elford
Presentation by Dr. Martha Elford
Program SDG4JYU2018
SDG4JYU2018 seminar - Contribution of Global Education
Program ERIP110
Ammatillisen asiantuntijuuden kehittäminen
Program SDG4 Seminar 2019
The opening session of SDG4-seminar 2019. Launching of UNESCO Global Monitoring report 2019: Migration, displacement and education
Program MA thesis seminar Hahn 2020
MA thesis group
Program CIPA1000 Psychology research at JYU
Program UTSA-JYU Collaborative
Video recordings
Program Troff document GloseNet