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Live broadcast: Flourishing as the Aim of Education

31.5.2023 klo 12.15-13.45

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01:44Iris StammbergerI want to registeer for this event. My email is.

12:11Viivi Kuusiaho, JYU.Wisdom CoordinatorDear Iris, there is no need to register. The event will start at 12:15.

13:01KaroliinaHow about Maslows work, that Scott Kaufman has summoned in his book Transcend? Maslow and Kaufman have interesting thought concerning these questions. For example, Maslow saw flourishing as the ability to feel real emotions, and happiness is something that somewhat happens along the way, but is not the main aim. To change society for the better, it is crucial to experience all emotiona to guide your way - this is LinkedIn to eastern wisdom traditions.

13:02KaroliinaSorry for the spelling mistakes, very difficult to write to this little box!

13:28Viivi Kuusiaho, JYU.Wisdom CoordinatorThank you for your comment Karoliina. Unfortunately, it seems like we do not have time to read aloud online questions, as our time is running out soon.

13:35Viivi Kuusiaho, JYU.Wisdom CoordinatorThank you everybody for attending. Have a nice day and summer!

13:38Jo LauThank you very much! It has been wonderful to listen to the speakers! Nice stuff to ponder over for the summer!

How to educate young people towards a life of overall flourishing? Must the ‘good life’ of a student involve engagement with self-transcendent ideals and ignite awe-filled enchantment? How is this connected to psychological and philosophical concepts of wisdom, planetary well-being, and human wellbeing?
Keynote speaker is a visiting professor Kristján Kristjánsson from the University of Birmingham. He is the professor of Character Education and Virtue Ethics Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues.