Program D source code IAEVG Conference 2009 Finland
Program Using Information and Communication Technology in Delivering Career Interventions
19.2.2014: eVOKES/ELGPN/IAEVG webinar
Program Professionalism: the common competence which binds the career workforce in effective practice
This webinar with a presentation by Professor Rachel Mulvey (University of East London) will consider the competences which career professionals need to do an effective job.
Program D source code How Can Ethics in Guidance Respond to the Challenges Created by Information and Communication Technology?
eVOKES/ELGPN/IAEVG webinar 17.2.2015, James P. Sampson, Jr (Docent, University of Jyvaskyla; Professor, Florida State University). In this presentation Professor Sampson examines ethical issues related to the development and use of information and communication technologies in practice. Topics presented in the Webinar include evolution of ICT in guidance, social equity issues, resource issues, services issues and professional standards.
Program KEHA ja eVOKES -webinaari: Tutkimustieto TNO-palvelujen järjestämisen tukena
Tiistai 25.8.2015 klo 13:00-14:00.
Program “Ohjaamo” One-Stop Guidance Centers
Developing Policy and Practice for Co-careering - National Lifelong Guidance Policy Seminar 26.11.2015 Jyväskylä.
Program eVOKES webinaari 27.9.2016
Elinkäisen ohjauksen yhteiset tavoitteet ja periaatteet EU:n jäsenmaille ja komissiolle