Recordings from the Conference

Recordings from the Conference on pages 3-13.

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Monday 6th November

Guidance policies -– Finnish perspective
Mr Antti Kalliomäki, Minister of Education

Guidance in the Knowledge Society
Mr Ján Figel', Member of the European Commission for Education, Training, Culture and Multilingualism

Guidance Policy Development within Public Employment Services in the EU
Ms Elisabet Arp, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

Guidance Policy Development within Public Employment Services in the EU
Ms Patricia Curtin, Director General of the Irish Public Employment Service, FAS

Current progress of lifelong guidance policy and practice initiatives in the EU – key findings and preliminary conclusions from the synthesis of national and European material
Prof. Ronald Sultana, University of Malta

Tuesday 7th November

Reporting back from the workshops and country team discussions
Reflections on the future EU-level co-operation in lifelong guidance policy development
Conference conclusions
Prof. Tony Watts, Cambridge, UK
Workshops chairs and reporters

Commentary notes:
Mr John McCarthy, Director, International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy
Mr Bernhard Jenschke, President, International Association for Vocational and Educational Guidance
Ms Liz Galashan, Senior Manager, Careers Scotland

Closing of the conference:
Mr Gordon Clark, EU Commission, DG Education & Culture
Mr Markku Wallin, Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Labour, Finland