Designing equipment is ergonomics

The main consideration when designing equipment for all is ergonomics rather than focusing on the traditional equipment designs.


To build a good practical activity it is necessarily to think these four issues:

1. Equipment modifications

2. Environment modifications

3. Task modifications

4. Instructional modifications

(European Commission:”Count Me In”, Sports and Physical Activities for Persons with a Disability)

In order to facilitate this, both equipment and movements should be modified so that they are suitable for the physical capacity of the individual person.

 The gymnast is like a worker who uses gymnastics equipment as tools and gymnastics movements as work movements. After a thorough planning process the school gym can be full of activities.

Pls. open the attachment and see the presentation made by Mr. Erkki Tervo.  These slides are from the presentation held in the Gymnastics For All Forum of the FIG in 2006/Geneve


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