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Live Broadcast: PhD Seminar English

13.9.2019 klo 12.15 - 15.00

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12:16Harri, Tim, MariaGreetings from Vaasa!

12:16PäiviHello, hello, hello :-)

12:17PäiviGlad to see that the chat works :-)

12:26Harri, Tim, MariaQuestion: Is is a problem if the candidate knows their pre-examiners and is occasionally in contact with them about general research issues?


12:45Harri, Tim, MariaOK, so I have to have a rethink :) -Harri

12:50PäiviWould you be already ready to submit, then, Harri?

12:51Harri, Tim, MariaNot quite yet

12:51MariaHow do you know if you are in the new or the old system?

12:59Anita HemmiläHello! Thank you, Heli! Will the slides be available to later reviewing?

12:59PäiviI shpu

13:00PäiviSorry, I should think so. But I'll check with Arja later.

13:06Harri, Tim, MariaThe slides would be nice :)

13:13PäiviArja will ask Heli for the slides

13:14Harri, Tim, MariaGreat, thanks!

13:15TimShould I write the press release after the defence, or before? And to follow up on your question for people who don't speak Finnish: do I write it myself and then have it translated into Finnish?

13:16PäiviIt is written before the defense

13:17TimHyvä, kiitos!

13:18PäiviTranslation service for that is not provided for this by the university

13:19PäiviSo ask your friends and/or supervisor(s) for help with the Finnish translation of the press release :-)

13:19TimAsia selvä! (Just learnt that phrase.)


13:23Anita HemmiläThank you, Sari!

14:13Anita HemmiläPlease, repeat comments and questions from the audience.

14:27Anita HemmiläThank you, Milja and good luck with the conference!

14:27PäiviAnother comment to Milja: perhaps some narrowing down in terms of reseach question(s) needs to be done

14:27PäiviMilja says thank you, Anita :-)

14:51Anita HemmiläThank you, Roman! Very interesting. You may know about the Finn Hall in Berkeley, California, I do not know if there is any published studies about them and their relationship to fiction, but music and dancing was a bit part of their gatherings in the late 1980s when I lived in the Bay Area. There was also strong collaboration between those Finnish Americans and Finnish folk musicians of the time.

14:54PäiviAnne commented on T Bone Slim, a Finnish-American visitor who was just in Jyväskylä. It might be worthwhile to look him up

14:57TimEveryone in Vaasa is in the same place!

14:57PäiviIs 22 of Nov ok for you for the next seminar?

14:58Anita HemmiläDoes this web connection work outside of Finland? I'll be in Canada during that date.

14:59PäiviIt has worked to Thailand before, and it's an online system, so it should work

15:02Anita HemmiläThanks to everybody for the seminar!

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