Program D source code Karimi Aghdam Ordaklou, Saeed
Facilitating Learning Module- Teaching Lecture 1 & 2 by Saeed Karimi-Aghdam-Ordaklou, Department of Language & Communication Studies, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Program Language on a pedestal Ideological valorisation of language, and its effects
This workshop brings together researchers from across Europe to discuss ideological valorisation of language in a range of contexts - international orientation towards particular national varieties; within nations the elevation of 'standard' forms; ideologies within government language policy; and people's everyday attitudinal tussles between contemporary shibboleths.
Program KLSA123
Working on events or development projects Spring 2020
Program EKIA1004
Business Writing
Program KVVS1011
International Management
Program KLSS3100 Analysing Social Interaction
Program SOKS1009 Multiliteracies Projekti
Applied Workplace Communication Literacies
Program object code EKIS605 MA Seminar (Teppo's group)
Program KVVA202
Media and Online Cultures-Spring 2022