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Program Lähtöorientaatio vaihtoon lähtijöille
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Program Orientation Programme: Encountering a New Culture & University Library Services
Orientation programme afternoon session of Friday 2 September. Session 1: Encountering a New Culture by Cheng Zeng, doctoral student of intercultural communication. Session 2: University Library Services by Tiia Puputti, Jyväskylä University Library.
Program Lähtöorientaatio ulkomaille lähteville 8.5.2017
Kevät 2017
Program Orientation programme 2017
Info 29.8.2017
Program Departure orientation - Lähtöorientaatio vaihtoon lähteville
Syksy 2017
Program Orientation programme 2018
Info 3.1. - 5.1.2018
Program D source code Adapting to a life in Finland - enjoying the challenge of the midnight sun
This Webinar offers information on how to cope with the midnight sun, what to do in Finland during the summer and a few practical tips. There is also a change to ask questions at the end of the Webinar. Sari Honkanen from Terveystalo (our occupational health care provider) and Sari Korkia-aho (our international HR specialist) will be speaking.