Briefly in English

Web publishing platform called Moniviestin helps to publish multimedia materials online.

Streaming video can be a recording or a live broadcast. You can use streaming videos for example to illustrate course materials or as materials for analysis. With video it is also easy to conduct interviews or to record lectures for later use.

Live broadcasts of seminars, lectures or special occasions are possible too. Streaming video material can sometimes even replace video conferencing in a lecture situation.

What is Moniviestin?

With Moniviestin you will find it easy to publish multipage programmes such as teaching and PR materials containing image, video, audio and text in the web environment. In addition, Moniviestin allows live web video broadcasting.

With Moniviestin you can use different media elements side by side supporting or supplementing each other. While you are able to use media elements in new, versatile ways, also producing ordinary web pages containing only text and images is possible.

One of the strengths of Moniviestin is that it is easy to use. You don’t have to be able to know how to code HTML; it is enough put materials to right places using simple forms. The rest you can leave to Plone content management system used for Moniviestin.

Moniviestin support team offers facilities, equipment, support and training. The support team staff is available also for planning and implementing web publications if needed. Moniviestin is available for the staff of the University of Jyväskylä.

What do you need to publish streaming videos?

Light equipment

Whether you are producing a recording or a live broadcast, the equipment needed is light and easy to move around. For example, a live broadcast can be conducted by one person only!

You will need

  • a digital video camera, tripod and a microphone
  • a laptop computer (PC or Mac) with suitable software for live broadcasting and recording
  • a non-linear editing software for editing recordings (IF needed)
  • a network connection and
  • a web publishing platform (Moniviestin).

Skills needed

You will need to know the basics of digital camcorders but this is easy to learn. Digital video editing is quick and simple but requires training and practicing.

If you feel you need help, it is possible to use students to help in shooting and editing footage.

Moniviestin support team provides facilities and equipment for the university staff to use. The team staff will also offer help for planning and implementing web materials as well as training for shooting and editing footage.

Want to publish your own materials wtih Moniviestin? Interested in using images and audio online? Please contact