Automatic deletion of expired Oma Kansio videos is now enabled - remember to download your own videos before 17.6.2020

New videos will be available for 180 days.

In the Oma Kansio-section ("My Folder") of the Moniviestin service, any JYU-user can publish videos so that the recordings can be viewed up to 180 days from the moment of publication. In the past, the video removal feature was disabled despite the "remaining days" counter was visible, but now auto-delete has been enabled.

To check the remaining viewing time for each video, open the video page and check the information under “Automaattinen poisto - Tämä sisältö poistetaan NN päivän kuluessa”. Translation of this notification is: "Automatic deletion - This content will be deleted in NN days". When this counter drops to zero days, the video is removed from Moniviestin.

Most videos released before 2020 will be removed from Oma Kansio on June 17th 2020. Check the remaining viewing time of your videos and, if necessary, download the video files to your computer before the automatic deletion.

If you want to keep the video viewable after 180 days, there are two options:

  • Download the MP4 video file to your computer, then create a new media page in your Oma Kansio and republish the downloaded video file. This re-published video will have a new address and it will remain viewable for the next 180 days.
  • If you are a member of the university staff and have published videos in your own folder that you want to keep available for a longer period of time: please contact video support so that we can create a new program in general Moniviestin section without 180 days limit and move your temporary Oma kansio-videos to the new address.

Your Oma kansio is only for publishing temporary videos and should not contain teaching materials used for longer periods of time.

Saving video files from Oma kansio

  • Open browser and open Moniviestin:
  • Log in by clicking on “JYU log in” in the upper right corner
  • Click Oma Kansio in the blue navigation bar
  • You will now see all the videos you have saved in Oma kansio - click on the title of the video you want to save
  • Below the video screen is a “Lataukset” (=Downloads) section - click on it and you will see the different video quality options for downloading the content. Choose the best quality by comparing file sizes - usually the best quality is labeled HD/H264 or 1080P. Right-click on the selected link and select “Save link as ...” (this menu option varies depending on the browser and language)
  • Select the folder for saving the video and wait for the download to complete. An MP4 format version of your video is will be saved on your device's hard drive.

More information

Send your support request to Video Support either via the HelpJYU service or by e-mail