A-rakennuksen pyöränkorissa olevan linnunpesän tarkkailukamera

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13:48KarinaWow now it's live streaming! Mother bird is there now. Very heat-warming :)


13:50ilkhomAmazing! Thanks for the taken action in providing a safe space.

16:14VesaOn tää parempi kuin norppalive :D

16:50HarriLykkyä punakylkirastaille!

08:09NettieOMG the mom is protecting the babies how beautiful to see!

08:25PäiviThere seems to be some sort of a problem now, since there's no video available?

10:55MattiNow it's works again

12:09MarkoI heard there are already six eggs in there (June 2)

13:49ÅsaI read that these birds always lay 6-7 eggs

15:24NettieSomeone at the conference said that she had a bird lay 3 batches of eggs!!

11:18NettieWhere is the mom? Did the babies hatch!

11:58HarriI'm afraid something's gone wrong...

14:00HarriNo, she's back!

15:05GrethiHarri, I was also worried for a moment. But all looks good now :)

00:30IlkkaCheking the situation now :)

00:37IlkkaMom is taking breaks even at nights :)

05:40MarsaSo cute! :3


21:22ElinaOh, how cute!

13:17MHIhana ❤️

15:23IlkkaHauska 🤗

15:27Batmanhai brother, I see you now

09:40BunyodKamera kurinmayaptiku qush qani ?

18:08ÅsaAre there baby birds now?

08:51MarianneFour little birds and one egg :)