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Live broadcast: RECLAS Research Ethics Forum

11.6.2018 12:00-13:30

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12:32Nettie Hi Welcome

12:01Mervi KastariHi! I get a black screen and a message saying: "The media could not loaded, either because the server or networks failed or because the format is not supported." Is there something I could do?

12:08NettieWait util 12:10 then it will start

12:08MerviOk! Thanks!

12:10Foroogh HaratianHi!

12:18Pirjo SalomaaStill loading?

12:19Foroogh HaratianI can watch

12:19Mervi KastariNow the sound is better

12:20Pirjo SalomaaEverything ok now, thanks.

12:23Nettiethere is a time lag

12:24NettieHow do youth interact differently than teachers in their environment?

12:25NettieForoogh yes welcome

12:27Foroogh HaratianThanks!

12:37Nettieworld of expectations is a great phrase

12:37NettieHow do we stay objective?

12:51NettieWho should be protect?

12:55Nettieevaluation versus judgement

12:56Mervi KastariAnother thing with teachers is that they don't want to take part of any study or research. The fear they will be criticized by the researcher. How can I observe and make my remarks in my papers so that the teachers would not feel like I'm criticizing? Also their employer knows who took part and I feel this is problem too and I would not like to write about everything I noticed on the field.

12:57NettieGood question

13:01Nettiehanna has a great strategy= pre-writing discussion

13:05Nettieillusion of equality or is it moving towards equality

13:19NettieDo we work about teachers or with teachers?


13:22Mervi KastariThank you! Bye!

13:23Foroogh HaratianThanks!


12:03nettiehi we will start soon

12:05nettiewelcome to the may rref research the topic will be on researching with children

12:07ForooghI cannot connect yet

12:13NettieHi all welcome to the interactive research ethics forum

12:15NettieHow do you decide what should or shouldn't be open data!

12:16NettieNice question- can means be acceptable by the ends!

12:32SaaraI think there is a difference between taking notes and between the recording, that there is his voice and he can be recognized by his voice. I think the new legislation says that when you can recognize him and his voice from the recording, it is a difference.

12:59ErjaSarangi's lecture about ethics was recorded and will be in Moniviestin soon!

12:59ForooghWow great news!

13:02NettieErja we miss you

13:06SaaraSari you said that the consent can be a plain yes or even whatever, but in the new regulations it says "suostumuksen: on oltava dokumentoitu osoitusvelvollisuuden toteuttamiseksi" so that you should be able to document that you have their agreement, at least that is how I understood the new legislation. So I am wondering ,can I still use data where I orally received the consent that I am allow to record their voices?

13:09NettieSome researchers are work with participants who are not literate in any language. Therefore informed consent orally holds greater validity

13:11NettieSo there are special cases to informed consent- it is not uniformed

13:17Nettieconsent must be clear and in language they understand

13:18ForooghNettie, it would be so nice if once you have also a discussion about Ethical issues with immigrant children from different backgrounds which is more difficult and complicated. Thanks!

13:19NettieIn the fall we will have one of the Finnish EU Ethics committee members to come and answer questions


13:22NettieWe might have 2 sessions one in Sept and one in Oct to cover the 4 major areas of EU changes- data protection, transportation, etc

13:22ForooghSounds perfect!

13:32ForooghThanks Nettie!

13:38Petra VackovaBig thank you from a first year PhD from the Open University in UK doing an ethnographic study in an afluent community in the Czech Republic

13:42NettieYour welcome!! please join us next time= June 6

14:03NettieMy mistake June 11 - the topic is digital and social media research

14:17AnneI seem to have missed everything but this chat! Will there be any opportunity to listen to the lecture later? (from Anne at Stockholm University)

12:15Sarah WhiterI can not see anything either - just the black screen. I would have liked to contribute to this.

11:50NettieSoon we will start at noon

11:52NettieIt is black until the time it starts at 12

12:01AizhanHello everyone

12:01Nettiehey the exact time will be starting at 12

12:03AizhanI'm from Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

12:05NettieWelcome Nazarbayev!!! I hope the weather in Astana is warm and there is no snow

12:07NettieAnna your students and type comments at any time!!!

12:09NettieThere is a time lag with the livestream

12:14NettieAizhan feel free to ask any questions at anytime

12:21NettieEU is creating strict ethical regulations similar to what is in the US and Canada

12:28Nettiethe researchers using the comments is responsible

12:29ÅsaHi! I am only able to follow parts of the seminar today; is it the case that the recording can be looked at afterwards?

12:29NettieYes this seminar is livestreamed but will be available later to review

12:30ÅsaGreat! A very important topic.

12:31NettieYes - and we will share the guidelines from the slides for whomever requests

12:53NettieThere - to answer Anne question - reasonable expectation that it is accessible by anyone

12:53XuanIs it possible to get a copy of the presentation materials since it'll be easier to further study the suggested resources? Thanks

12:54SigurdYes we will make them available

12:58XuanThat's great! Thanks a lot!

13:16NettieThanks Sirpa great information

13:20NettieInteresting concept- posting as art

13:43Nettiewhose owns the copyrights!

13:46NettieThanks for joining our conversation- my email is if you wish to receive the slides please contact us

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This is a new multidisciplinary ethics seminar for students, emerging researchers and senior researchers to participate in.