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Live broadcast: Knowledge Sharing Event - RECLAS

19.11.2018 10 - 12 and 14-1620.11.2018 10 - 12 and 14-16

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10:45ForooghHi! Sorry but the voices of the participants talking are not clear enough...

10:46ForooghNettie’s voice is fine

15:19RacheleHi, just joined the streaming

11:58Sanna V-HHi, thank you for excellent and super interesting presentations today and yesterday! And thanks again for this joining opportunity for distance-Jyväskylä folks.

14:42Rachelecould any comments and questions be repeated by speakers otherwise we cannot hear them

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Knowledge Sharing Event - Jyvaskyla University - RECLAS & Creative Community Networks For researchers, educators, artists, ethnographers, migration, refugee, NGO’s policymakers