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Live broadcast: RECLAS Research Ethics Forum

18.04.2018 at 12-14

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12:32Nettie Hi Welcome

12:01Mervi KastariHi! I get a black screen and a message saying: "The media could not loaded, either because the server or networks failed or because the format is not supported." Is there something I could do?

12:08NettieWait util 12:10 then it will start

12:08MerviOk! Thanks!

12:10Foroogh HaratianHi!

12:18Pirjo SalomaaStill loading?

12:19Foroogh HaratianI can watch

12:19Mervi KastariNow the sound is better

12:20Pirjo SalomaaEverything ok now, thanks.

12:23Nettiethere is a time lag

12:24NettieHow do youth interact differently than teachers in their environment?

12:25NettieForoogh yes welcome

12:27Foroogh HaratianThanks!

12:37Nettieworld of expectations is a great phrase

12:37NettieHow do we stay objective?

12:51NettieWho should be protect?

12:55Nettieevaluation versus judgement

12:56Mervi KastariAnother thing with teachers is that they don't want to take part of any study or research. The fear they will be criticized by the researcher. How can I observe and make my remarks in my papers so that the teachers would not feel like I'm criticizing? Also their employer knows who took part and I feel this is problem too and I would not like to write about everything I noticed on the field.

12:57NettieGood question

13:01Nettiehanna has a great strategy= pre-writing discussion

13:05Nettieillusion of equality or is it moving towards equality

13:19NettieDo we work about teachers or with teachers?


13:22Mervi KastariThank you! Bye!

13:23Foroogh HaratianThanks!

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This is a new multidisciplinary ethics seminar for students, emerging researchers and senior researchers to participate in.