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Live stream 4. - 6.8.2016

Conference: Poverty's Causes and Consequences in the Urban Developing World

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10:50Jukka JouhkiInterested in tweeting about this? Use this hashtag: #povertyJYU

11:18EliseThe gendered division of household labour IS a reality unfortunately. Despite the moral issues with this, I wonder how these drivers are able to spend 7 hours a day? Following the same argument, did you find any single mothers among the drivers?

15:07Jukka JouhkiWe will start around 15:20 (on Friday) with Prof. Ferguson's keynote. Sorry for the delay.

07:18Jukka JouhkiHarjit Singh Anand's keynote lecture on Saturday (August 6th) at 12:30 PM will be live streamed via Periscope. Please go to

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Keynote lectures by Bipasha Baruah, Dayabati Roy, James Ferguson, and Harjit Anand. Conferece arranged by University of Jyväskylä Department of History and Ethnology, Poverty and Development research center, August 4-6, 2016.