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Live stream 4. - 6.8.2016

Conference: Poverty's Causes and Consequences in the Urban Developing World

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10:50Jukka JouhkiInterested in tweeting about this? Use this hashtag: #povertyJYU

11:18EliseThe gendered division of household labour IS a reality unfortunately. Despite the moral issues with this, I wonder how these drivers are able to spend 7 hours a day? Following the same argument, did you find any single mothers among the drivers?

15:07Jukka JouhkiWe will start around 15:20 (on Friday) with Prof. Ferguson's keynote. Sorry for the delay.

07:18Jukka JouhkiHarjit Singh Anand's keynote lecture on Saturday (August 6th) at 12:30 PM will be live streamed via Periscope. Please go to

Keynote lectures by Bipasha Baruah, Dayabati Roy, James Ferguson, and Harjit Anand. Conferece arranged by University of Jyväskylä Department of History and Ethnology, Poverty and Development research center, August 4-6, 2016.