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Suora lähetys - Adapting to a life in Finland - enjoying the challenge of the midnight sun

25.4.2018 10.00-10.45

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09:50Sari/HR ServicesHi! Please do comment or ask when something arises :)

10:27David Have any of you heard of "flux" program or your computer. Filtered out the blue light at the right time of the evening to reduce blue light exposure. I personally found this really helpful and have several friend using it after recommending it. It's also free to use.

10:28IrinaHello, thank you for so nice presentation! Could you please share with us your slides?

10:29AnastasiiaI found it difficult to find tart cherry juice or halibut in Finland.

10:32Sari/HR ServicesSlides will be shared with all of you :)

10:41JulieHi, I would like to ask who can we contact if we feel a need for professional help in terms of psychological wellbeing.

10:43Sari/HR ServicesSari Honkanen will answer you in a minute.

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Adapting to a life in Finland - enjoying the challenge of the midnight sun

This Webinar offers information on how to cope with the midnight sun, what to do in Finland during the summer and a few practical tips. There is also a change to ask questions at the end of the Webinar.

Sari Honkanen from Terveystalo (our occupational health care provider) and Sari Korkia-aho (our international HR specialist) will be speaking.