Plone Mosaic Demo - Building a Department Home Page e2fad8a695ba4b58a53ea846c7a04e96

This is how we can create a departmental frontpage using Plone Mosaic (and some customized theme).

You can use this code to embed this media to other pages.

This page also supports oEmbed.

Plone Mosaic has many features:

  • Drag'n drop layout change
  • Easy to add and edit content in a browser
  • Responsive layout built in
  • Different templates available
  • Possibility to append features on the theme

Some additional features at JYU theme

  • Image/News carosel
  • Different color hues for images, easily selectable
  • RSS lists
  • TINT-integration (social media)
  • Social media integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Image hot spot feature
  • Etc.