Moniviestin programs often include audio and video files. Especially watching videos requires a certain configuration of a computer, software and Internet connection.

Listening Audio Files

For listening to the audio files you will need a Flash Player -plugin installed on your web browser.

Watching Videos

For watching the videos you will need a relatively broad bandwidth (at least 512 kbps)!


Most videos in Moniviestin are MPEG-4 files encoded with H.264 codec. For watching MPEG-4 videos you will need a free QuickTime program (at least QuickTime 7). You can download the newest version of QuickTime at

Windows: The installation file is QuickTimeInstaller.exe and you can download it to a chosen folder on your computer. When downloading is finished, start installation by double-clicking the installation file. Installation takes a while, and after it is over, QuickTime is installed to your computer and you can watch online videos in Moniviestin. You should close and reopen your browser after the installation.

Mac: Mac computers usually have QuickTime installed by default.

Windows Media

Some of the videos in Moniviestin are in Widows Media format. For watching those videos you will need Windows Media Player installed on your computer.

Windows: Windows computers usually have Windows Media Player installed by default.

Mac: Mac users can download free Windows Media Components for QuickTime. It allows you to play Windows Media files directly in QuickTime Player and view Windows Media content on the Internet using a Web browser.

Other instructions

Recommended browsers: Firefox, Opera, Mozilla.

Font size can be scaled by altering browser settings (from Text Size from the View menu).


I can hear the audio but can not see the video, what is wrong?

Watching H.264 encoded videos requires at least QuickTime 7. Older versions of QuickTime can not play the video, only audio.

When the playback starts, you can only see green but the sound can still be heard?

Wait a moment (max. 20 sec.) until the picture focuses! The same applies to rewinding videos. The reason why this happens has to do with video compression and keyframes. In other words, in streaming video, the full picture is shown only every few seconds and the changes occurring in the picture are transmitted in the meantime.

The playback starts well but after a while, the sound disappears and/or there are problems with picture?

The video file uses too large bandwidth compared to your own network connection. Even though you may have broadband, some videos are made for even broader bandwidth.

I have a quick network connection and new QuickTime player installed but there are still problems in the playback?

The problem may be in your computer’s firewall settings that won’t allow incoming streaming video. This can be by-passed from the QuickTime settings menu: right-click the "Click here!" image and choose Plugin Settings. Select Advanced tab and to Transport Setup select Custom... Then select HTTP to Transport Protocol and 80 to Port ID

I have Windows 98 and QuickTime is available only to newer Windows versions?

Update your operating system.